This is a question that employers battle with all the time – should they hire the guy who comes in ready to give it his all every day or should they hire the one who has a stack of diplomas? The truth is that although diplomas are great – they show that one has the skills to do the job – they are not evidence that one will do a good job. Exemplary work on a constant basis requires a motivated person. You are much better off hiring the guy who comes in beaming every morning and does whatever it takes to get the job done.

Does that mean that training doesn’t matter? Not at all. In fact, it matters a lot. You are better off hiring an enthusiastic person and then letting them learn on the job. To start with you can hire 2 or 3 people for their training but eventually, you should use them to train new, eager employees. So long as they have a certain degree of intelligence they will soon learn how to do the job and you will see your business start to grow.

This is especially important when it comes to marketing. Marketing is probably the toughest job in any business. Not only do marketers have to go out and convince people to buy from them and not anyone else, they have to face constant rejection. It doesn’t matter if they are told no 10 times a day – they have to come back tomorrow and repeat the job, and they have to do it with zeal.

The other question is what you can do to motivate employees. You will read all kinds of things on motivation online but6 the truth is that there is no cookie-cutter formula for motivation. What motivates one person may not interest another. It is up to you to know your employees so that you can learn what gets them going. While one person may be motivated by the fact that you let them work from home from time to time another may feel good about their job because you let them leave work early to attend their kid’s school functions. It sounds like a hard thing to do but as the owner of the business you just have to do it.